Socially Distanced Game Compendium

Add to it, Alien, Tiger, Cow, Animal, Vegtible or Mineral, Asteroid, Call of the wild, The Candle Game, Chase the ship, Cone shuttle run, Danger Mimes, Do as I say not as I do, Don’t wake the pirate, Dog and Bone, Doctor Doctor, Fox & Hounds, Frisbee Golf, Get the cards right, Foot Golf, Fizz Buzz, Hopscotch, Human Skittles, In the pond on the bank, Jail Break, Kaa’s Snake, Keeper of the Keys, Kicks Lig, Kim’s Game, Left Right Up Down Game, Lion’s Den, Man Overboard, Mirror Mirror, My Name is, Mr Sit Mr Stand, Musical Statues, Mass the movements, rock paper skisors, Rythem Master, Sausages, SearchLights, Shark Attack, Simpon says. Spat, Sports Charades, Spot the diffrence, Strp forward step back, Swap places, wait a minute, Tweedle Dee And Tweedle Dum, Walking football, Whats the time mr wolf?, Who said that? Wink murder, Word Games, Yes/No Game Zip Zap Boing